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Curiosity, not a value and a diploma

Hello my brothers all! Oops, excuse me my brothers, already travel malang juanda months baseball nih article postings due of busyness in the school. Hehehehehe ... Well, while there is now a holiday hike class, I'd like to share opinions about True Science nih my version. :D Hehehehehe

Many a students/students learn actively and diligently accompanied by prayer and hope not to forget also a cup of coffee or milk at night to learn (wkwkwkwkwk). This is done for the sake of pursuing the GOOD VALUE name and also a DIPLOMA. I am really amazed from the first value and a diploma. Why learn only to a piece of paper containing the results of all the values that we already get? His name is learning how to get the required Grades and Diplomas? Study right is indeed a requirement to be met by human beings. Instead of learning for the sake of good values and Diplomas, but rather based on a deep CURIOSITY would Desire.

Teachers at the school often judge a child above the value acquired. I think it is less precise. Because we know that value or capability of a person it is different and not only in the field of Academic course (theory and practice in CMS). The name value alone could be tampered with or personalised way by teachers or educators. The value of the course can be bought and manipulated and can be obtained by fraudulent means (e.g., cheating). In the end, a highly rated will get a diploma upon its success. Do this instead of making students become stupid?

As events in the city of Surabaya, an elementary school children that do not give a cheat sheet to his friends when the UN, even driven by compatriot because his children were not given a cheat sheet. If people were not thinking? The one for what their children were schooled? Is it just to get a cheat sheet? Whether for the sake of seeking a diploma? Another clear example is in my school to hold a Cisco certification exam for majors TKJ. In my opinion this does not need to be done, because a collection of answers to the exam questions are many circulating on the Internet. Should teachers test the child his protégé directly to find out if his protégé kid that was Competent or not.

Aaah! Dizzy looked at the State of our beloved country. Of his seed alone is bad, especially if it's been growing up later. This is signs of the Apocalypse that has emerged, namely the increasingly rampant Stupidity above the face of the Earth. Appropriate, if a student was a sense of curiosity will be the science of Knowledge was huge, he must learn the automatic and automatic also will get good grades and Diplomas.

I admit, I did a stupid person. Therefore I have to study. Everyone should learn. So, it could be said that ignorance is owned by anyone. Learn the top keingintahuanmu, not for the sake of pursuing value and a diploma.

Download videos on YouTube by KeepVid

Download videos on YouTube kitchen set malang by Keepvid. Hi my brothers all.. Hehehehehe ... Sorry ya new posts new articles. This time, I will give you how to Download videos on YouTube by KeepVid. Perhaps, my brothers all already know about how to Download videos on YouTube by KeepVid. Create my brothers who do not know how to Download videos on YouTube by KeepVid, don't worry because this time there are already ways to Download videos on YouTube by KeepVid. Than using IDM for downloading pirated, mending via KeepVid. Okay, without further ADO, please read how to how to Download videos on YouTube by KeepVid version I:D

Previously, here I'm using Mandriva Linux 2010.1 Free OS with the Chromium web browser version 8.0.554.0 (62433-1mdv 2010.1). To that end, for my brothers are expected to adapt to the OS and web browser because its core is the same.

Download Steps

First of all, open the first link of the video which you want to Download big brother on YouTube ( Then, Copy the Video Link.

Image: YouTube Website

Then, open the KeepVid Website ( After that, Paste-kan Video Link you will Download from the YouTube website at the URL provided on the home page and then click Download.

Image: KeepVid Website

Later, these links will be processed. Well, at this point if you have not installed Java, you must install its advance at the Java official website ( Then, you must select the option Always trust content from this publisher then click Run in order to make the Download process can run.

Image: the process of downloading

Then, a notification will appear to run applications from KeepVid. Check the option Always trust content from this publisher and then click Run.

Image: run the application

Then wait a few moments. Then will appear the option video format which can be downloaded. Available formats are mp3, .FLV, .MP4, video and HD (High Definition). Select the video format that you will use. Video formats depending on the availability of the website KeepVid. After that, the Download process will run.

Now that's he's how to Download videos on YouTube by KeepVid. Not only videos from YouTube alone which can be downloaded via KeepVid. However, other websites can be downloaded via KeepVid. As stated in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on KeepVid.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

6 Type Natural Oils for Beauty

Beauty treatments growing lately. If the first is commonly used serum and cream facials, now people began to attempt to use natural oils.

Natural oils are oils derived from tree-plant extracts that have a broad range of skin care bolster. Different oil, plus swing facilitate.

Here is an example of natural oils which can be used to finishing care of your beauty.

1. Tea Tree

Tea tree oil has the property to designate support to redness and inflammation caused by acne. In fact, there are studies that strive for that this oil has same usability with benzoyl peroxide (one of the acne drug content).

2. Argan

Argan oil is affluent in antioxidants polyphenols which are beneficial to achievement premature aging. In member in crime, the oil with contains omega-3 fatty acids that can postscript the production of collagen and make the slant more nimble.

In supplement to the direction, argan oil can then be used as a moisturizer and hair vitamins. Because of the many advance of argan oil content, this oil is dubbed as "liquid gold".

3. Marula

This oil is made from the fruit of the marula tree that comes from South Africa. Marula oil is adroitly-off in fatty acids that can moisturize teetotal skin. Although this oil can moisturize, you skirmish out not have to cause problems about your skin becomes oily and incandescent, as marula oil speedily absorbed.

3. Chamomile

Flowers are commonly used as a tea can in addition to be extracted into the oil that has reasoned of-inflammatory and colorless effect. Chamomile oil can minister to redness, annoyance, and infection.

4. Rosehip

This oil is the whole vivacious in vitamin A which can renew skin cells and collagen. In calculation, the oil can rosehipjuga skin flavor and prevent stretch marks. Due to the high vitamin A content, rosehip oil is used as one of the products to prevent acne and premature aging.

5. Coconut

Rich in vitamin E, protein, necessary fatty acids dam, coconut oil is beneficial to protect and moisturize temperate skin. Starting from the incline, lips, body, until the cuticle and ascetic skin. In calculation, coconut oil can along with be used to benefits skin provocation caused by eczema.

6. Rosemary

Rosemary oil is known to melebatkan hair. A psychotherapy suggests that this oil can pro happening overcome hormonal baldness in men once used for 6 months in a clash. The result was not inferior to treatment back minoxidil 2% (a drug commonly used to treat baldness).

The symbols of Satan in Surroundings Kita

SYMBOL 1: Baphomet

Symbols or emblems of occult (occult) is a means of force used cult partners to invoke the auspices going on going on of evil forces in the world of the occult and devil respect. But their use can unaided be in force if it is in the form of three dimensi.Simbol people use to attract the attention of the dark forces. Most of us are not abundantly familiar of the obscure realization of the symbols used. Sometimes we use it as a necklace on the neck, hence the bracelet a propos the wrist, or save it in the room. Caution! The symbols were actually not pointless images. But there are evil forces at the before now it.

Beware, wherever there is the imitate of the occult, symbols of this must be used, especially those linked to the forces of evil. The society of darkness is utterly take these symbols dexterously. So, if you are one of the owners of these symbols and use them, are likely to be easily influenced by the devil.

SYMBOLS 2: 666

Already confirmed are altogether many who know whether it was the number 666. A tiny checking account approximately this figure. About 666 in Latin can be interpreted as DIC LVX = "dicit lux" - well-ventilated hermetic. "Satan" in Latin is often named as Lucifer (Lux Ferre) or the bearer of spacious. In astrological terms is pseudonym the Morning Star or Venus or sixth largest planet in the solar system kita.666 in number Romanic = DCLXVI or in tally words the meaning of the number 666 they will have been practiced to represent every numbers are in Roman numbers (D = 500 , C = 100, L = 50, X = 10, V = 5, I = 1).

All that is bad and evil is said to have a excuse behind the number 666 as roulette, taking into account than the entire one the numbers going approximately for the roulette table will be 666. fornicate summed it was a mortal sin and so the number 666 in Greek presenting XES (sex reversed) or    (Chi Xi Sigma) because in Greek or Hebrew alphabet was with identical to the numbers. So plus gone the name of the Kaiser Nero in Hebrew Idioms can be written in the statement of the number 666 (Neron Kesar). Deadly poison is poison = poison Hexachloride 666 who were taken from the chemical formula C6H6Cl6.

This is why the number 666 is always identified subsequent to Satanism or things that smelled of devil adoration.

SYMBOLS 3: STICKS Leprechaun

If money is a shackle, this fable is believed to find the child support for a terrible bebarapa mystically. First used Druid priests in Scotland and Ireland. Typically, Unicorn horn used in rituals to investigate for financial suggestion to the devil. Another declare for this fable is "Italian horn", "fairy magic wand" or "stick Leprechaun" .In Indian mythology, symbol horn often mentioned. It looks as soon as the epitome of male genitalia. When observed critical of, in version to some clothes, a fable considering this appears encircling the neck of the wearer. While in mainland Europe, unicorn metaphor to be related bearing in mind the issue of sexuality and is a parable of sexual acquit yourself-exploit. Unicorn legend contained in the stories of the Christian, Islamic, Chinese, and Indian.


At first glance is same to the parable of the fuming in the teachings of the Nazarenes. But not. This image had nothing to realize once the heated. Ankh is one of the most powerful metaphor of the knack of the mystical world of black. When traced its records, Ankh comes from ancient Egyptian mysticism. At that era, the ankh used in RA adoration ceremony, the ancient Egyptian sun god who is believed to be substitute manifestation of the devil. Ra is as well as regarded as the creator of the universe and worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. Halo is matahari.Ankh describe is a metaphor of reincarnation. But the concept is oscillate from the arrangement of Buddhism and Hinduism. In the teachings of ancient Egypt, Ankh meaningful as immortality. The main requirement for the use of this metaphor, the people of ancient Egypt are required to power the sanctity of virgins in a ritual feast that is creepy.


This fable often used by witches women in taking practice. Pentagram allied behind Lucifer and female witches understand that Lucifer means "son of the day" .There is some good in the image of the devil portrayed as an 'angel lights' and is one of the most pretty beast ever created. Therefore, self-importance and vanity have mastered self-Lucifer. Because of the birds that in addition to left him terribly in error. If the pentagram is played in reverse, so it sort of star have an effect on that "horned". Or if observed deliberately. The star metaphor in turnover seemed to shape the slope of the devil. And to this daylight Pentagram used as a fable used throughout the Church of Satan in the world.

SYMBOL 6: hexagram

Hexagram called for a star-shaped hexagon. Hexagram often used in rituals in the unseen world mystic black. This story should be straightforward yet to be calling the devil repeatedly during the ritual takes place. The word 'Hex' is derived from the metaphor ini.Terdapat an important note in credit to Hexagram ever used the renowned magician Cellini. In the p.s., he and his student, Cenci, tried to challenge the demons from within a circle that has been painted upon the auditorium at the Coliseum (big stadium), the Roman city.

Most of the devil is going to appear behind invited, but it is precisely the presence of destructive ritual. But Cellini determined, as long as he and his students are in the loop will be safe from the attacks of Satan. At that time Cenci claimed to have seen five major figure of the devil aggravating hard to penetrate the circle Hexagram.

In spiritual China, the I Ching, Hexagram after that be used as soon as a raptness of straight lines and blinking lines approximately computer graphics "Yin" and "Yang". Hexagram, basically did not behave pact that can make the hair stand.

SYMBOLS 7: Scarab

Scarab word comes from the Latin; Scarabaeus sacer. He is one addict of a associates pet beetle. The ancient Egyptians believed this type of beetle type as something sacred, purified and used as a parable, a sign, or jimat.Scarab used in rituals to invoke the things that are misleading and poisoned. While added more take control of reveal for the beetle this one is "Dung" (sorry, shit!). Perhaps because his goings-on is taking into account to dig a hole oppressive a pile of dirt. In proceed to its breeding sports ground, plus for food storage.

In the tropics, not abnormal for finding a dung beetle playing behind lumps of dirt at the apple by now her body. Indeed distasteful, but it's plus why the witches in the environment of using beetle in the practice of illusion.

SYMBOLS 8: Horus

Horus is a god allied as soon as the sun. He was the son of Isis and Osiris. Eye of Horus is a mystical parable of the dark force which means 'each and every one-knowing' and 'Seer'. Usually he painted in hieroglips (ancient Egyptian writing) upon the walls Piramid.Osiris is king at the same period the find's death. He is the husband and brother of Isis. He is then a senior figure of the highest god in Egyptian beliefs kuno.Biasanya, Osiris is often described as a male figure behind a beard adorning his chin and wrapped taking place later a mummy. Perched upon her head a crown known as the 'Crown Atef'. Even if he had died in engagement, but then she can be revived by his son, Horus. Isis is the goddess of fertility and mother of Horus. In include to Egypt, he is pseudonym one of the gods in Greek legends and the Roman Empire.


Completing the exposure to environment of the Eye of Horus, the crescent moon used as a metaphor of Isis. Other identity is Diana, the Queen of Heaven. Ancient books delves into the records comes from the descendants of Noah's grandson named Cush. He married a bad girl named Semiramis who complex became queen of Babylon.

In the mystical world astray, there are several forms of this evil girl, along along in the midst of others: Venus, Ashtoreth, Diana, Isis. Satanic symbols often linked as soon as the matter of sex is abnormal. Under the stars and the moon, this ritual involves his partners to enjoy sex once each subsidiary in the pronounce of the devil.

Age Old Father, Son Risk Mental Hospital

Married youth phenomenon has begun to shift, especially in urban areas.

Career demands and social circumstances make marriage age of men and women to shift to an older age. This phenomenon is particularly the superpowers, the United States.

Indonesia did not escape this phenomenon is due to the greater demands of dynamism.

But is there any negative impact caused by this phenomenon?

Children born to fathers gone older age proved to have a union risk to vacillate from psychiatric disorders and learning disorders.

This conclusion is obtained from a large-scale psychoanalysis in Sweden involving two million children in Sweden.

Based harshly this investigate, children born to fathers gone on elevation of 45 years of age, are more prone to struggle from various disorders such as autism and bipolar sickness and attention deficit hyperactivity illness (ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Children born to fathers older than 45 years, it had a 3.5 time greater risk for autism and 13 time more likely to anxiety from hyperactivity and attention deficit. This psychotherapy describes the attachment in the middle of paternal age were pass subsequent to an increased risk of psychiatric disorders and learning disorders. However, this chemical analysis can not prove a causal relationship.

This psychiatry is every single one a advance news because the first suspected factors that doing in the disruption of the child's press forward is the age of the mother during childbirth. Mothers who find the maintenance for birth more than the age of 35 years, mass the child's risk for Down syndrome. However, based upon this testing, it was not lonesome the mother's age, but the age of the father is in addition to linked following increased risk of children experiencing medical disorders. (Read: Checking Blood To Detect Early Risk of Down Syndrome)

The psychotherapy concluded that age is a risk factor for developmental disorders of children. But withhold in mind that there are many added factors to find united to you sensitive to begin a associates. To begin a prosperous family, there are several factors to deem include psychological factors, economic factors and biological factors of reproductive eagerness. Keep in mind to acquire married too young person is not wise, because the reproductive organs are yet not abundantly developed, not to suggestion the economic and psychological factors that are still immature. The National Population and Family Planning suggested ages 20-21 years for women and 25 years for men, as the ideal marriage age limit.

Durian Fruit Really Can Increase Libido?

Durian is a fruit that is every one of popular and unique, especially the aroma and taste of the fruit.

Most of us no flatter, but there is in addition to a altogether hated the durian fruit. The fruit is known as the "king of fruits" is from Southeast Asia.

You dependence to know, durian has the Latin make known is Durio zibethinus found in many countries Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

In accretion to the distinctive taste and odor, durian along with has many health sustain. The health advance are not by yourself derived from the durian flesh, but along with can be obtained from the bark and leaves.

However, there is some presumption that says that durian can then cause sickness. It is not the whole wrong, the article durian excessive consumption can cause increased blood pressure and cholesterol.

In the flesh of the durian fruit contains many vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron, folic prickly, vitamin C, vitamin B difficult, fiber, zinc, and various added useful components. The beneficial effects that we can air, for example, launched a bowel motion, buildup endurance, accelerate wound healing, encouragement headaches, muscle strength, maintaining healthy skin, amassed environment and connected nap atmosphere.

There is an assumption which says that the durian can layer libido, what is this? For generations, there is a myth that durian has facilitate for male masculinity.

At the epoch of the durian season, many men are chasing this fruit because the fruit is considered to enhancement body heat and can indirectly sum libido.

It is important to know, in fact the effect is yet mammal debated today. There is a psychiatry in relation to rats conducted in India showed that male mice within 14 days of eating durian has a number of more sperm. In append, these mice moreover have a more agile sperm mobility compared to mice that were not firm durian.

However, what nearly the effect concerning humans? Up to now there is no scientific evidence that could gloss it.

An practiced said that the notion of durian fruit can quantity uphill libido as a consequences myths. Because, it just comes from what people say to people from generation to generation, and there is no scientific research showing that the durian fruit consumption can enhancement libido.

The situation that in fact happens is the durian fruit consumption can bump a person's body heat, but some people relate it to accrual libido. In men who strive from erectile dysfunction, the heat generated from the consumption of durian fruit can ensue the erection finishing indirectly.

Coconut Water and Benefits for Gastrointestinal

Coconut water contains a variety of beneficial nutrients, such as carbohydrates in the form of sugar and potassium ions is 4 grow old-fashioned distant than that contained in a banana.

Therefore, the health beverage made from coconut water is believed to be an cartoon beverage because there are many promote to be had.

Compared behind appendage computer graphics drinks that are found in the have the funds for, coconut water has levels of calories and a demean salt, but have high potassium levels. Because the content of electrolyte ions are passable of coconut water that has the completion to replace loose fluids speedily.

What are the support of coconut water for the organs of the digestive tract?

A examination showed that coconut water has a satisfying effect regarding the health of the digestive tract. In the psychiatry mentioned that coconut water can showing off in heartburn symptoms, such as nausea, bloating, and heartburn backache.

So, for people considering ulcers often recur, coconut water can be consumed as an every second habit to relieve the symptoms.

How can coconut water can have an effect for the digestive health?

In cases of ulcer weakness, inflammation occurs in a person's stomach wall, this is what causes the onset of symptoms such as nausea, bloating, heartburn, and no appetite. On the wall of the stomach that is experiencing inflammation, the wall can not interest the water and sugar from food. In growth, it usually leads to lose some valuable minerals, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Coconut water contains compounds called Tanine. These substances can sustain to condense the inflammation that occurs in the stomach. With the intend of inflammation, symptoms of gastritis that arise will with be more lightweight.

Therefore, because the coconut water contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and sugars can be used as an stand-in therapy to overcome digestive disorders.

Not unaccompanied that, coconut water can also cure a mild infection that occurs in the body. The content of lauric prickly contained in coconut water has bland component.

When lauric choking into the body, later the body will regulate in the form of lauric choking to monolaurin or a component that has the expertise to dogfight infection.

So, if you experience gastrointestinal infections caused by bacterial or parasitic infections, the consumption of coconut water can help eliminate the infection.